lugar do meio

…no lugar do meio, do intermediário: nem sim nem não, mas talvez ou depende.
Um povo que recusa a se decidir entre A ou B, sem considerar que também pode optar por A e B. Essa possibilidade fabulosa que agrega, que soma, que mistura e que cria uma outra alternativa ao confronto ou à fuga.

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he probably learned everything from watching TV

“You were joking earlier, about this place looking like an Aussie pub?”
“Freddie believed me. But I’m starting to doubt he’s ever set foot in Oz. He knows too many lines from Crocodile Dundee. He probably learned everything from watching TV, which is pretty scary when you think about it. He probably thinks kangaroos are part of the police force and that the only way to see a doctor is to fly him in.”
“Aussie pubs are nothing like this.”
“I love it. Look at the Aboriginal artwork, the stuffed crocodile that’s actually an alligator from Florida, all those stupid yellow animal road signs made in Taiwan. It’s a living, breathing, stereotype. Look at it, Darius. This is what the world thinks of us. When people meet Aussies or when they think about Oz, this is what comes to their minds. They expect this. I knew, even before I came here, it would be like this.”
“Maybe some of it is true.”
“Some, yes. But I wonder how they would like it if they knew a few other truths.  Two centuries of racism, a country with no culture, intellectuals the common man’s enemy. There’s an Australian restaurant I would like to see.” (p. 132)
Jeffereys, Campbell. (2011). True Blue Tucker. Hamburg: Rippple Books.

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